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AReader - The World's first AR Screen reader created to cheat on sight tests

Discover AReader, an AR tool converting visual stimuli into synthetic text.

Published onJun 15, 2023
AReader - The World's first AR Screen reader created to cheat on sight tests

Have you ever stared at an eye exam chart, squinting at rows of increasingly diminutive letters? We've all been there! Enter AReader, an ingenious Augmented Reality (AR) prototype that turns those intimidating charts into synthetic, easily readable text. In this post, we deeply dive into AReader - the tool that's revolutionizing how we look at vision tests!

AReader by Attila Bekkvik Szentirmai

Figure 1. - AReader

Keywords: Augmented Reality, AR Application, Vision Test, User Experience, HCI

The Need for Seeing

The spark for AReader came from my continued fascination with AR, particularly its multisensory capabilities. AR's potential to enhance, aid, or even substitute sensory inputs paves the way for true Universal Design.

To bring this idea to life, I set off on a fun adventure - a project to showcase how AR can assist and augment our senses, filling in any sensory deficits we might have. I wanted to illustrate this concept unconventionally and entertainingly, so I picked a topic generally incompatible with Universal Design - sight tests.

Thus, AReader was born - a unique AR tool designed to 'outsmart' sight tests. It takes visual stimuli, enhances them, and translates them into synthetic text that's easy to read. It's a live demonstration of how AR technology can help bridge the gap when our senses fall short.

Taking a Closer Look

At its core, AReader is an embodiment of Universal Design, tailored to serve every user with its AR-enhanced vision capabilities by converting the visuals into synthetic speech.

To ensure it caters to all users, irrespective of their abilities, the design emphasizes adaptability, offering:

  • Handheld Mode: For on-the-go reading in portrait or landscape

  • Desktop Mode: 3rd-person view using the front-facing camera for a stable experience.

  • Shoulder Mounted Mode (SMM): Use a mobile holder

  • Head Mounted Mode (HMD): Strap it with cardboard for an immersive first-person experience.

With AReader, even activities heavily reliant on our senses, like vision tests, can become accessible to all - regardless of sensory skills or lack thereof.

However, it's important to underline that AReader is a prototype - an intriguing showcase of AR's capabilities. While it makes vision tests more accessible, its application in sight tests is intended purely for amusement. 

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