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guARdian: Assisting Daily Decision-Making Through Augmented Reality

guARdian is an AR prototype aiding in daily decisions. It tracks fridge items, warns against drinking before driving, assists with food allergies, and

Published onAug 08, 2023
guARdian: Assisting Daily Decision-Making Through Augmented Reality

In an age of rapid technological innovation, our daily lives are increasingly guided and enhanced by the latest technological solutions. A recent concept comes from a lo-fi AR prototype named guARdian. The Prototype is designed to assist individuals in making everyday choices more informed and efficient.

GuARdian Prototype - Created by Attila Bekkvik Szentirmai

Figure 1. - GuARdian

Key Features of guARdian

1. Keeping Track of Fridge Inventory: Are you tired of finding expired products in your fridge? guARdian provides an overview of items that are soon to be out of date. A glance through your AR-enabled device will help you identify what needs to be quickly consumed, reducing waste and keeping your food fresh.

2. Assisting Users with Food Allergies: For those who suffer from food allergies, such as lactose intolerance, guARdian is a life-saver. Not only does it warn users not to consume products containing allergens, but it also provides visual overviews of vitamins and medicines.

3. Promoting Responsible Driving: In a society where safety should always be prioritized, guARdian warns users about drinking alcohol before driving. By recognizing alcohol bottles or containers, it sends an alert to remind users about the importance of responsible driving, acting as a virtual guardian angel. 

4. Visual Overview of Vitamins and Medicines: Navigating the small text on vitamin and medicine bottles can take time and effort. guARdian solves this problem by providing a visual overview of these products. Users can now easily understand what they're taking without reading the fine print or pondering the benefits.

Future Prospects

As a prototype, guARdian is just scratching the surface of what's possible with AR technology. Future versions could expand the app's capabilities into various domains, such as personalized health tracking, fitness guidance, financial decision-making, and more.
The possibilities are endless.


guARdian is a pioneering example of how AR technology can be utilized to create practical solutions for everyday life. By addressing some common challenges like food waste, road safety, and health management, this lo-fi prototype demonstrates the tremendous potential of AR in enhancing our daily decisions.

In a world where time and efficiency are paramount, tools like guARdian may soon become essential household names, changing how we live, eat, and care for ourselves.

Stay tuned for more updates on guARdian, and join us on this exciting journey into a future where AR guides us through our daily lives!

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