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GuitAR Hero - The World's first lasercrafted AR Guitar

Explore GuitAR, the first laser-crafted AR guitar, blending digital interaction with traditional musicality for a unique experience.

Published onJun 14, 2023
GuitAR Hero - The World's first lasercrafted AR Guitar

Welcome to the harmonious fusion of reality and virtuality - GuitAR, the world's first laser-crafted AR guitar! This groundbreaking innovation is an instrumental milestone in music and technology, heralding a future where digital interaction and traditional musicality blend seamlessly.

 The development of GuitAR began with an aesthetic yet practical design approach. The guitar silhouette was laser-cut with precision, resulting in a sleek and visually striking physical component. Subsequently, the guitar's surface was adorned with a sticker-bomb technique. This popular art form gave it a unique, textured appearance, essential for creating a visually distinct, recognizable pattern for Vuforias computer vision algorithm.

GuitAR by Attila Bekkvik Szentirmai

Figure 1. - GuitAR

Implementing augmented reality features into the guitar's design was achieved by employing Vuforia's robust image tracking algorithm and Unity's powerful real-time 3D development platform. Vuforia image model was trained using multiple photos of the sticker-bombed guitar. This enabled the algorithm to identify and track the guitar's unique pattern in real-time through the device's (smartphone, tablet) front-facing camera, constructing 3rd person AR mode. The 'frets' or segmentations on the guitar's body were defined as virtual buttons within the Unity environment. This clever design solution enabled the transformation of a physical touch into a digital action, playing predefined riffs in response to these interactions. The application provides visual feedback and engaging and entertaining visual effects during the playing sessions.

One of the most exciting aspects of GuitAR is its musical versatility. Users can effortlessly switch between different music genres, and the GuitAR frets would apply to the newly required sounds. So, whether you are a fan of soulful blues, fiery rock, or tranquil classical music, GuitAR can adapt to your musical preferences, offering a rich, tailored experience.

The GuitAR symbolizes an incredible marriage of physical and digital design, music, and technology. It leverages the expansive potential of digital customization to redefine musical creativity. It's not just an instrument or toy - it's an entirely new way of playing, experiencing, and creating music.

Enjoy the symphony of the future!

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