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HoloWatch: The World's most sustainable paper-based smartwatch

Explore HoloWatch, the world's first AR-integrated, paper-based smartwatch, merging sustainability with cutting-edge wearable technology.

Published onMay 15, 2023
HoloWatch: The World's most sustainable paper-based smartwatch

Welcome, tech aficionados and eco-conscious enthusiasts! Prepare to have your minds blown by the HoloWatch - a wearable technology game-changer and the world's first paper-based smartwatch. This humble-looking device is so much more than a timepiece. It is a testament to innovative design, marrying sustainability with cutting-edge technology to create a user-friendly wearable that’s as functional as fun.
The journey of the HoloWatch began with a bold dream - to create a watch of the future that seamlessly blends environmental friendliness and technological prowess. Our vision led to an innovative integration of augmented reality (AR) in a watch, pushing the boundaries of what a watch could be, and defining a whole new standard for timepieces.

HoloWatch by Attila Bekkvik Szentirmai

Figure 1. - HoloWatch

Designing a paper-based smartwatch required a radical rethink. We wanted our watch to be eco-friendly, and lightweight but also durable, and stylish. After several iterations and prototypes, we crafted a robust, sleek, lightweight paper blend that’s strong, stylish, and sustainable.

Innovating with AR: Breaking Barriers

The standout feature of the HoloWatch is its AR integration. With the watch serving as a trackable AR target, a rich, interactive interface materializes right out of your wrist, extending the digital world beyond the confines of the watch face.

Recognizing the desire for personalization, we designed the HoloWatch Pro to support an array of watch faces. Users can even create their own 3D replicas to make the watch their own truly. It’s not just a watch; it's a unique piece that reflects 'you.'

The HoloWatch prototype integrates a web browsing experience right on your wrist. AR brings your web browser to life beyond the limited screen estate that current smartwatches are limited to. This revolutionizes the smartwatch experience and ensures it’s user-friendly, making your desktop-sized digital life always within easy reach.

At the heart of the prototype’s features is the HoloCall, a concept that allows you to make a hologram-like video call with your contacts.

Prototype and Beyond: Crafting the Future

The unveiling of the HoloWatch Pro prototype is a significant milestone in our journey. A testament to our vision, this sustainable smartwatch showcases how innovation and eco-friendly design can work together in perfect harmony.

HoloWatch by Attila Bekkvik Szentirmai

Figure 2. - HoloWatch functions

However, this is only the beginning. We are committed to continually refining and expanding the capabilities of the HoloWatch, always keeping it intuitive and accessible for everyone. The future isn’t just something that happens—it’s something we create. And with the HoloWatch, we’re crafting it one sustainable, customizable, and fun watch at a time.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to shape the future of wearable technology.

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