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Overcoming Tech Anxiety: An Unconventional and Humorous Approach for AR Implementation in Educational Settings

Explore the first steps of how the AR Integration of humorous objects, such as a Whoopee Cushion, can alleviate students' tech anxiety.

Published onSep 28, 2023
Overcoming Tech Anxiety: An Unconventional and Humorous Approach for AR Implementation in Educational Settings


When we introduce new technologies into classroom settings, it's common to see students feeling hesitant or anxious when faced with unfamiliar tools and dealing with unusual hardware. To address this concern, we have developed the WoT Object Viewer, which utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) to create a user-friendly and less intimidating learning experience by interacting with digital content rather than the costly real one. 

However, we noticed that some students still had concerns and fears, but now about using AR and a head-mounted solution itself.
In this blog post, we will discuss how we tackled these fears and took a humorous approach to optimize the use of AR for learning.

Fostering Comfort with AR

AR offers a learning experience that can significantly enhance student engagement and understanding. However, this technology can also often appear overwhelmingly complex, leading to anxiety, a feeling of loss of control, fear of the unknown, and worry about making mistakes.
To mitigate these negative attitudes, our approach was to integrate AR with familiar and nonthreatening objects like a Whoopee cushion. A thing that is typically associated with humor and positive emotions.

Augmented Whoopee Cushion!

Mobile Augmented Reality Inclusion (MAR)

In addition to using humorous symbols, we implemented a Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) mode, allowing students to experience AR technology without confining themselves to a headset. The more traditional handheld mode provides a bridge for those who might find fully immersive AR environments intimidating, allowing users to interact with the AR content more calmly and gradually.

JediFart Pro - extended with MAR mode

Whoopee Cushion AR

We tapped into people's positive reactions toward the whoopee cushion to create a safe and enjoyable experience. Combining state-of-the-art AR technology with a “fun” tangible object helped ease fears and doubts about using AR tech among all users we approached.
Our preliminary small-scale guerrilla testing showed promising results of turning anxiety and skepticism towards AR tech into fun and curiosity. The encouraging findings motivate us to expand our research and conduct more mature, high-scale user testing to validate further and refine our approach.


The integration of AR tech in education brings forth challenges and opportunities. We can facilitate a more inclusive and effective learning environment by innovating AR applications to be more user-friendly, familiar, and less intimidating. Fusing fun elements like the Whoopee cushion and AR alleviates the anxiety associated with unfamiliar hardware and makes the learning process more inclusive, engaging, and enjoyable. The promising preliminary results prompt us to continue exploring and refining these methods to fully harness the potential of AR in educational settings, aiming for a future where technology enhances learning without creating unnecessary stress or fear.

As we expand our research and refine our strategies, we envision developing an inclusive learning experience. We want every student, regardless of their comfort level with technology, to benefit from these advancements without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated.
We continue to explore novel ways of integrating advanced technology with traditional learning to create an inclusive, balanced, engaging, and enriching educational environment for all students.

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